Sunday, April 6, 2014

My 25 Favorite Irish Novels

Here's another list concocted at 3 a.m.: my 25 favorite Irish novels. I don't include my own; it would be immodest of me.

Anyway, take it or leave it. Three in the a.m. isn't the best time for confections of any kind.

1) James Joyce, Ulysses

2) Flann O'Brien, At Swim-Two-Birds

3) Flann O'Brien, The Third Policeman

4) Laurence Sterne, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

5) Samuel Beckett, Watt

6) Samuel Beckett, The Trilogy (Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable)

7) John McGahern, The Barracks

8) Roddy Doyle, A Star Called Henry

9) Anthony Cronin, The Life of Riley

10) J. P. Donleavy, The Ginger Man

11) Brian Moore, The Lonely Life of Judith Hearne

12) Patrick McCabe, The Butcher Boy

13) Benedict Kiely, Proxopera

14) John Banville, Doctor Copernicus

15) John Banville, The Book of Evidence

16) Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels

17) Edna O'Brien, The Country Girls

18) James Plunkett, Strumpet City

19) Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, Uncle Silas

20) J. G. Farrell, Troubles

21) Bram Stoker, Dracula

22) William Trevor, Mrs. Eckdorf in O'Neill's Hotel

23) Colm Tóibín, The Blackwater Lightship

24) Patrick McGinley, The Trick of the Ga Bolga

25) Aidan Higgins, Langrishe, Go Down

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