Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bookwritin' Cabbie

"There are those who regard taxi drivers as the scum of the earth, but I'm not one of them," bellowed the lady as she got into my taxi. She's right: there are such people, and I've met some of them. 

But they tend to be middle- or lower-middle-class, corrupted by capitalism's contradictions, as a good Marxist would explain. And speaking of good Marxists, there are working-class guys and gals who embrace me as a member of the international proletariat; I've been called "brother" more often on this job than at any other time. I like it. (And yes, I am in Texas, which has a working class like anyplace else.) 

Cabbies of the world, unite! 

But in my other incarnation--internationally published novelist, reviewer for NY Times and Boston Review, etc.--I am, to some, and equally foolishly, a figure worthy of admiration ("You write for the..the...Times...!?"). 

All part of the absurd contradictions of my life that will one day combine into a rich compost suitable for carrots.

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